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In 1978 a young 19 year old artist took a walk on the shoreline of Cocoa Beach, Florida. Positive and determined, he knew right then that he would be devoting his life to his art. There would be no turning back. Excited about his new found carving ability the artist named Ed had a vision, and that vision became ED'S HEADS. Since then ED'S HEADS has become a household name in the Central Florida area. His contemporary tikis combine the original Polynesian style with new whimsical expressions creating a tiki that sets Ed apart from other tiki carvers. As seen on the Photo Archives page, Ed's tikis have evolved through the years. Ed's tikis have decorated hundreds of businesses and homes. He's been featured on national televison on the programs PM Magazine and on HGTV's Offbeat America. One is also on the cover of recording artitst Leon Russell's album Solid State. Most recently Ed was featured in a book of self taught Florida artists titled Extraordinary Interpretations, by Gary Monroe of Universtiy Press. It is available at Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million. Ed is always looking for DEAD cabbage or sabal palms. We'll remove any standing DEAD trees for free. Contact Ed for more information about that. Ed does NOT carve live trees of any kind! Thanks, and enjoy this website!

1979 - Carvers Motive to get A- Head. - Mai Tiki and Eds Heads
1983 - Tiki Troubles - Mai Tiki and Eds Heads
1983 -Artists Carving More Than Reputations ..Mai Tiki and Eds Heads
Tiki Movie 1987
Mathers Bridge Restaurant 1990
#Extraordinary Interpretations#
Extraordinary Interpretations
Ed's Heads
#Tikis 1981#
Tikis 1981
#Leon Russell Album Cover#
Leon Russell Album Cover
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Log Pile
#Ed at work#
Ed at work

Eds Heads Tikis
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